Over ons

Artisanal, progressive and modern wines, not only taste great, but also indicate a place, good technique and knowledge and experience of winemaking.

Fortunately, there is no wine that will please everyone. In one's own experience lies the mystery of why a particular wine can fascinate. But the own taste and the wine are not constants. Life experience and conscious experience with different types of wines will change and shape our preferences. By playing with air, time, and temperature, or by combining it with different dishes, the same wine can always show different characteristics. Taste does not only depend on what you know, but knowledge can contribute to a different experience. A meaningful connection is indeed possible between the enjoyment and fascination for a particular wine, and the winemaker with the culture in which he/she grew up.

Our preference stand for independent wineries where the winemaker is also the owner. Winemakers should exhibit difference as radical as possible in taste style, grape variety, soil, climate, etc. We love well-praised winemakers who have a name, also upcoming winemakers who crave recognition. They should be working organically or bio-dynamically with maximum respect to nature, with biodiversity encouraged in the vineyard. Mass amount of work should take place in the vineyard, not in the cellar. Winemaking should be minimal intervention when it is absolutely necessary and let the nature shine.

So, nature wine? No...just wines without bullshit and build up meaningful connection between you and nature.