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Schlossgut Liebieg Sauvignon Fumé Tonneau 2020

Schlossgut Liebieg Sauvignon Fumé Tonneau 2020

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Sauvignon Blanc

Rich + Fruity

Golden yellow colour. Playful nose of ripe gooseberries and cassis, filigree notes of smoke, some beeswax and leather and above all an enormous freshness. On the palate, the character of the variety exhibits. First, the fruit takes over: currant and gooseberry, cassis and a touch of the exotic. Then an unexpected slate minerality, spicy-smoky, almost herbaceous with an enormous glaze; the wood perfectly integrated. Conducted by a non-dominant, but refreshing acidity.

Take the wonderful range of aromas of a fresh Sauvignon Blanc (scent of ripe gooseberries, cassis and elderberry) and combine it with a six-month aging in a 500-liter oak barrel (tonneau). The result is a wine that reveals a new component every time you raise the glass to your nose and never gets boring. The typical leading aromas are joined by vanilla, caramel and a subtle smoky note. Enormously smooth on the palate and the harmony of oak wood and fruit aromas with a hint of herbs.

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