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Schlossgut Liebieg Laurentiuslay 2019

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Rich + Mineral

Golden yellow colour. It smells of delicate fruit of peach and apple with minerality of the slate. In the mouth, the fresh minerality takes the lead and is then replaced by the fruit flavors. Carried by the creamy and cool acidity, there are aromas of fresh stone fruit, but also of tropical fruits such as passion fruit or pineapple. At the end, the slate spice takes over the finale and prepares you for the next sip.

The wine comes from plants in Köwericher Laurentiuslay. The Laurentiuslay produces somewhat cooler and mineral Rieslings due to its orientation slightly further to the west. After harvesting, the grapes are left to stand for a short time on the skins and after pressing they remain in open containers for sedimentation. Fermentation takes place spontaneously and the subsequent malolactic fermentation brings the milder and creamier acidity. After the first racking, the wine remains on the fine lees until bottling in late summer, further refining the aroma. The subsequent aging in the bottle after filling helps the wine to become even more harmonious and makes it more enjoyable to drink.

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